Student life gets better with a job!

Improve your resume, build your network and get the freedom to design your student life just the way you want it. Explore the many benefits of a student job!

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1. Build your resume

There are several ways to create yourself an attractive profile by the time you graduate. Student jobs gradually expand your resume and makes the journey to your future dream job way shorter. It is not uncommon for our part-time consultants to later be off offered a full-time position – either with us, or with the client company.

2. Extra money to upgrade your student life

Most people are inconstant financial saving move while studying. That’s just a fact. There are ways to add to your bank account, though. A student job lets you upgrade life as a student. Get a new bike, improve your eating habits, start saving for an apartment – only you know what your upgrade will look like.
*Did you know that as a student in Norway you can earn up to 192.295kr without it affecting your student loan? Read more here.

3. Get a valuable professional network

The right student job will render valuable professional contacts. At Academic Work you always have a dedicated Consultant Manager, who in turn has a broad network of clients and assignments that he or she recruiting for. The earlier you start, the broader your network. That may become an important edge for you, once your student days are over and career competition kicks in.

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We believe it is hugely important that you work on fair terms. Academic Work is an authorized recruitment and staffing company. This means that we have collective agreements and insurances so that you can feel safe when starting your career with us. Academic Work is your career partner within several high demand competency areas. Read more about what it is like to work as a consultant with us.

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